Whether it’s your first class with us, or you 1000th, every class will challenge you as much the last. Working up to 600 muscles in every move during our signature Megaformer classes, we will find the ones that have been hiding!
Our instructors will guide you through some classic lunges and planks, mixed up with Lagree Fitness trademark moves such as scrambled egg, cobra and dancing bear.
Want to know more? Click here for the science behind the workout.  (SCIENCE BEHIND LAGREE FITNESS)
If you are a first timer, you are welcome to join ANY class (except advanced classes).

H-Kore Basics:

New to H-Kore? Don’t know your French Twist from your Ice Breaker? Then don’t worry, H-Kore Basics is the perfect starting point.
H-Kore Basics breaks down the techniques and takes things at a slightly slower pace. Going into a regular class for your first visit can be a little overwhelming, trust us, we’ve all been there.
You’ll find that spending a little time (and energy!) to learn the techniques and terminology will allow you to get so much more out of the workout as your body gets stronger.  You’ll still feel the burn, but as it’s your first time, we’ll go a little easier on you!

Make sure to sign up for your first 2 classes for only $350!

Pre/ Post Natal:

In our Pre/Post Natal class, all Lagree exercises are modified to ensure you are working in a safe and appropriate manner. At H-Kore, we understand that your body needs special care and attention before and after you give birth. So whether you are looking to stay fit during your pregnancy or working to recover your pre-natal figure, these classes are specially designed for you.

Studies have shown that exercise during pregnancy can speed up the body’s healing process. So jump on board and meet other Mums/ Mums-to-be in class!