Private Training

One to one instruction

Looking for maximum focus and extreme results, then contact us to book your private session with one of our fantastic, Lagree Fitness certified trainers.

Private Groups & Team Building Events

There is nothing better than working out with friends to motivate you. We offer private group classes for those of you who want to sweat together. These private group classes are also fantastic for team building! Challenge your work buddies to try something new and get fit together!
Prices are available on our pricing page. Please email to schedule a class or for more information.

Private Training Packages with Nutritional Advice

What: These packages include 8 x 1 hour Private Training Sessions with a Certified Lagree Fitness Trainer. Nutritional advice to compliment your fitness training will make up part of these sessions. For optimum results we recommend completing 2 sessions per week, with the aim of completing all 8 sessions in 4 weeks.

How it works? You will work closely with your trainer to create a bespoke training and nutrition program that fits your needs and requirements. We set out goals and action plans after assessing body fat analysis, looking at usual eating and lifestyle habits, and monitoring stress levels and recovery. Weekly check-ins and follow-ups will be used to track progress.

The cost of this package is $7000. Please email to purchase your Private Training & Nutrition Package.