Mind Over Matter Month at H-Kore this February!

Support Mind HK with our special classes and interactive workshop!
Springtime can often become a period where we set great intentions for the year ahead, but no sooner become overwhelmed with new workloads, unexpected challenges or life events that steer us away from the course we originally set.  The more stressed our minds are, the more difficult it becomes to make decisions. We know the importance mental health has on the ability to live a full and contented life, so this month at H-Kore, we will be providing you with different methods to help calm your body and clear your mind.  

Our trainers will incorporate mindfulness techniques into every class to ensure you find contentment in the moment, focus on your breath, your lungs expanding and your body responding.
We are also donating all proceeds from selected classes, and 10% of proceeds from our first Breathing & Meditation Workshop to Hong Kong non-profit, Mind HK!

Breathe into Happiness & Healing Workshop with Shveitta Sethi Sharma (10% of proceeds donated to Mind HK)
Saturday, 23 February, 12:00pm – 1:30pm 

Shveitta Sethi Sharma who has learnt various breathing and meditation techniques from eastern and western masters will conduct the workshop.  She is a certified Sekhem healer, Vipassana practitioner and Vedanta student. She combines positive psychology with various wisdom practices to deliver fun and enlightening workshops. She runs regular workshops for Google and is invited to speak at various schools and universities.
Cost per participant, $450HKD. 
Email us to book your spot!

Special Classes (all proceeds donated)
Tuesday, 12 February, CircuitKore at 1:15pm
Thursday, 14 February, YogaKore at 6:00pm
Tuesday, 19 February, YogaKore at 7:00am
Wednesday, 20 February, CircuitKore at 6:00pm

Classes can be booked via our website or app

Community Book-Swap
With smartphones, laptops, tablets, and wireless Internet, we’re able to stay plugged in all the time. The idea of a digital detox has become increasingly popular, but often proves harder than first thought.  To help you disconnect and live in the moment, we’re encouraging a phone-free zone in the studio and we’ve introduced a community a book-swap at both Quarry Bay & Central.
Just take a book and return it when you are done or replace with another one!

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