• Name: Aleksandra
  • Home Town: Gdansk, Poland
  • Fitness Tip: Find something that you love and do it everyday. Focus on progress and compete only with yourself.


Aleksandra was initially drawn to the physical aspect of yoga but she quickly noticed the benefits for both, body and mind. Aleks left her job in fashion to completely immerse herself in yoga, and to share her passion with the community. Aleksandra teaches Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Aerial and Yin yoga. Her classes are a connotation of yang and yin.

Aleks immediately fell in love with Lagree Fitness which was the missing link to her yoga practice. An intense, slow and rewarding workout that empowers you from inside out. She believes the Megaformer is a tool to connect with one’s body through dedication, perseverance and hard work on both, physical and mental levels. She loves to challenge, inspire and motivate others to become the best versions of themselves. Whether on the Megaformer or on the mat, expect her classes to feel enjoyable and beneficial. With good music and vibes, you will leave feeling her energised and relaxed.