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On May 14th, I fulfilled one of my major bucket list goals and made it to the Everest Base Camp at 5320m, and then went up to Kalar Pattar at 5550m the next morning!
I wanted to thank H-Kore for all the awesome classes and amazing trainers that you are!
All the classes I took with you in order to train for this were definitely part of the main reason why I felt fit and strong enough to make it that far!
So thank you again and I can’t wait to come back for more!

Selina Betts

I showed up to class at a painful o’clock in the morning with eyes full of sleep and skepticism. What followed was 45 minutes of extreme exercise: I twisted, I sweated, I lunged, I sweated, my legs and core burned, I sweated. And I loved every second.
During class, I discovered muscles I didn’t know I had. And discovered they needed work.
“Let me clarify also: this is not a “girly” class. In fact, if you can still say the word “girly” at the end of the class you probably haven’t followed instructions.
And the results? Not only are you stronger and less prone to injury, it brings a level of toning that makes you want to live in a mirror maze!

John Hetherington

First class ever and absolutely loved it. I booked myself in for a double as I had no idea it would be this hardcore. Got through it and it was so worth it. Thank you Vivienne – wonderful instructor with great presence and humour.

coco tomas wbff pro

H-Kore team,
I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I am enjoying the challenge of your classes. I am definitely feeling stronger after a few short weeks (although I still battle most of the time!). As a Mum of a 2 year old and a 10 month old it’s exactly what I have been looking for to regain some overall strength – especially in my core! If I get the courage I might even try the kettle class one of these days…


I don’t like the conventional huge studios where the ratio of trainers to users is so low. It’s a nice studio, friendly trainers like and with really intense workouts!

pauline chow

After years of free weights‚ Kettle balls‚ yoga‚ and traditional Pilates‚ this is it! My “mid-life” body is getting stronger and sleeker. After one month‚ I have noticed considerable improvement in strength‚ flexibility‚ and balance.


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