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About Flora

Originally from the Netherlands, Flora is a certified therapist specializing in treating body complaints due to bad posture. She has worked as an exercise, posture and massage therapist helping clients find solutions through exercise, stress release and workspace setup. In addition to treating her client’s, Flora enjoyed teaching bootcamps and pilates.

Flora loves to work with people. When she teaches she’s passionate about motivating people to push themselves in a responsible and safe way. Her passion for teaching is complimented by her interest in learning and always looking to enrich her knowledge in health.

She’s certified in Posture Kinetics Therapy, Physical Rehabilitation Trainer, Medical Taping, NLP, Pilates and NASM Certified Personal Training.

I love being active and I’ve been always passionate about sports. I’m patient, energetic and I can push you in a right way. Safety and postural alignment always come first…



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Work out with Flora

MegaKore: Within H-Kore classes I teach Basics, Pre and Post Natal and Regular H-kore classes. My goal as a teacher is for you to feel satisfied after a class. I always pay attention to each individual client. With teaching classes I find it important to check your posture and give you the most information about a correct posture in that exercise and which muscles are working and where your need to feel it. Good posture can even make an ‘easy’ exercise super intense!

CircuitKore: In these classes it is super important to motivate the clients. It’s a high intensity workout, so you’ll need someone who can push you within your own limits and in a safe and responsible way. So that’s my goal in these classes. I absolutely don’t want to scare you, so I prefer to start maybe a little bit easier and as soon as I see you can do more I will progress the exercise(s).


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