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About Steffi

Steffi is a Life Coach and a Yoga Teacher. After years working overseas as a host in TV and advertising, she decided to change career following her heart and passion. She did her yoga teacher training at Sivananda in India. She is a certified NLP, Motivational and Emotional Intelligence Coach by Global NLP Miami. She graduated from University with a cum laude in Communication Science.

Steffi will be teaching YogaKore and regular MegaKore classes. She is enthusiastic, fun, warm and encouraging, dedicating herself fully to the wellbeing of others. In her words “Teaching and making a difference in people’s lives leads the way”.

Come from “being ready now” and mean every bit you do. Where there is a will, there is a way. When your mind evolves your life transforms.



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Work out with Steffi

MegaKore: One of the most powerful and effective workouts I know. I love the Megaformers as they allow us to work with no impact on joints. The slow and controlled movements allow us to work mindfully, with focus. The mental and body connection is vital for the turnout in results. It is incredible how much can be achieved at a physical level in 45 minutes. And the regular practice will certainly transform your body and your mindset.

YogaKore: Yoga is for me a lifestyle. An attitude and approach to life, relationships and work. In the studio we practice asana (physical practice). Classes are dynamic but alignment based. I focus on presence and connection. In that way our body, and our mind, get stronger and more flexible. This is a 1 hour class that will leave you energized, full of vitality, open and balanced. It is for your body, mind and spirit. For me, it matters that you walk out feeling stronger and with a greater perspective on life.


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