First thing's first, we want to welcome you to H-Kore! Nothing makes us happier than seeing new faces in the studio which is why we can't wait to meet you and introduce you to the rest of our incredible fitness community!

At H-Kore you can expect to Strengthen, Stretch, Sweat and have FUN in every class. Our unique training methods and small team environment ensures all your fitness needs are met, and with over 150 classes to choose from weekly between our Central and Quarry Bay studios, staying fit and healthy has never been easier!

Our expert trainers have a wealth of experience working with clients of all skill and fitness levels. That means if an exercise is too hard, too easy, doesn't feel right or is not suitable for you due to injury or pregnancy, your trainer can adjust the movements for you so you get the most out of your workout!

Keep reading below to find out how you can:

  • Enjoy your special 2-for-1 introductory offers
  • Prepare for your first class
  • Find the right training option for you
  • Read up on our housekeeping rules

As always, if you have any questions just ask! We're here to help!

Get started with our Trial Packs


You will need to create an account before you can book any group class or personal training session.

Click here to create an account


All first timers can enjoy our two special Trial Offers.

MegaKore Trial pack - 2 MegaKore classes for the price of 1. This pack allows you to book 2 MegaKore classes in any location (excluding our advanced KettleKore classes) within 14 days. The cost of the pack is $350. You can only purchase this pack once.

Studio Trial Pack - 2 Studio classes for the price of 1. This pack allows you to book any 2 classes at The Studio by H-Kore in Quarry Bay location only within 14 days. Please note, with this pack you cannot book MegaKore classes. The cost of the pack is $280. You can only purchase this pack once.

Click here to purchase your Trial Packs


Once you've purchased your Trial Pack you'll see two credits in your account, this means your purchase was successful. Now it's time to view our schedule and book your first class!

Please note that first timers MUST arrive at least 10 minutes early or you won't be allowed to join the class. This is really important because we want you to have a fun and safe first experience at our studio.

If you arrive late or as the class is starting we won't have time to show you around, introduce you to your trainer or explain the Megaformer machine / class structure to you.

This is for your safety and enjoyment so please arrive early!!

Click here to view our CENTRAL SCHEDULE

Click here to view our QUARRY BAY SCHEDULE

tips for your first few classes at h-kore

Classes at H-Kore are meant to be challenging, it's completely normal to sweat and shake like never before. We've all been there! It's a sign you're working those muscles you never knew you had, in ways you never knew you could.

So remember:

  • Your first class WILL be challenging but don't worry, after a few classes you will get the hang of it, we promise!
  • You have options! First timers are welcome to join all MegaKore and classes at The Studio by H-Kore. If you're new to Lagree Fitness (MegaKore) you are welcome to join both Regular MegaKore classes and our MegaKore Basics classes. Our advanced KettleKore classes are not suitable for beginners, but you are welcome to join KettleKore Basics!
  • Want more one-on-one time with a trainer? Start with some Personal Training sessions.
  • Hydrate well and have a light snack before and after class to avoid feeling weak, faint or light-headed. This goes for any kind of exercise you do.
  • Go slow and listen to your body. Do as little or as much as you can and if something doesn't feel right just let your trainer know. No one finishes their first few classes without taking a few breathers. If you booked a MegaKore class, remember that every movement is slow and controlled, working to a 4 second tempo.
  • Get into the zone. Leave your phone in your bag so you can focus on the instructions, what you're feeling and where you're feeling it. Your work emails can wait!
  • Embrace the shake! You'll know what we mean during your first class! If your legs or arms start to tremble and shake, don't be alarmed. It's your small twitch muscle fibres firing. That's the sign that you're working HARD and getting stronger!
  • Lastly, ENJOY YOUR CLASS and if you have questions you can always speak to your trainer or the front desk crew! We are all here to help and support you.

housekeeping rules

We don't have many rules at H-Kore, but the ones we have are there to ensure everyone has a fun, safe and enjoyable experience every class. Please do your best to follow these rules so our front desk team don't need to remind you. It's not fun for them either!

LATE ARRIVALS: Our studio has a strict no late arrivals policy. This is not just for our first timers, it's for everyone. Please allow yourself enough time to get to the studio and ready for class so you can be in the studio before the class starts.

If you are late to the studio you won't be allowed to join. This is out of consideration for our other clients and the trainer too. We do have a waitlist so if you're not ready and someone else is, they will be allowed to join the class instead.

SOCKS: You will receive a pair of non-slip socks on your first visit to the studio. These are yours to keep and you will need to bring them to every MegaKore and KettleKore class. For safety and hygiene reasons you cannot join the class without a pair. You may buy a pair for $80 at both studios.

CANCELLATIONS / RESCHEDULING: We have a 12 hour cancellation policy for all group classes (this includes rescheduling a booking). Any class cancelled within this time will be forfeited unless a doctors note is provided.

We understand that traffic can be bad, kids get sick and meetings run over time but we are a small studio with only 12 spots in each class, so to ensure that other clients have enough time to rebook your spot, you need to cancel at least 12 hours before your class.

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for all Personal Training sessions too. Please give at least 24 hours notice when cancelling or rescheduling your booking otherwise your session will be forfeited.


    We can’t wait to strengthen, stretch and sweat with you! The first step is to create your account, once you’ve registered just purchase your trial pack, book your class and get ready to enjoy Hong Kong’s most talked about workout!


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