17 Feb 2024 |

The highly anticipated Lagree Teacher Training Certification with Lagree Master Trainer, Vanessa, is finally here! Admissions are OPEN NOW!

Interested in getting a deep understanding of the H-Kore Lagree method? Join this teacher training and become familiar with all the ins and outs of our MegaKore classes. Learn all the principles behind the method, the machine, and the workout and develop effective teaching skills.

Participants of the program, who are interested in becoming an H-Kore Trainer, will be invited for a class audition upon successfully completing the teacher training.


In this 50-hour program, you will

  • Learn the fundamentals and basic principles of the Lagree method
  • Learn all the exercises in the main Core, Upper Body, and Lower Body Series; learn how to perform them to their truest form with modifications, progressions, and regressions
  • Learn how to create and structure a well-rounded full-body routine
  • Learn how to find your H-Kore teaching voice and confidently teach a H-Kore MegaKore class
  • Receive a personal login + access to the Lagree Academy/ Lagree Fitness trainer portal
  • Upon completion of the full training, you will receive a Lagree Level 1 Certification recognized at ANY Lagree studio around the world

This program is for

  • For those who are interested in deepening their knowledge in the Lagree method and the Megaformer
  • For those who want to learn how to create their own workout routines for self-training
  • For those who wish to develop their teaching skills

Program breakdown:

35 hours of in-class theory and practical learning across 8 days (Friday, Saturday afternoons & Sunday mornings)

15 hours observations, practice, and mock teaching spread out across the duration of the training (to be done at your own time)



    • In-depth study of the Lagree method; Understanding the fundamental and basic principles that make our classes so unique
    • In-depth exploration and understanding of the Megaformer


    • Functional anatomy corresponding to the 3-exercise series. Learn about the key muscles, movers, and stabilizers
    • Understanding the anatomy of body movement and body stability
    • Take an in-depth look at different anatomical positions, and explore the alignment needs of each for maximized body form


    • Breakdown of exercise series: Core, Upper Body, Lower Body
    • Key modifications: progressions and regressions for all moves
    • Learn how to cue key Lagree exercises and moves

    Whether you are training to become a teacher or just to advance your personal practice, learning the steps and communications skills to teach a move will allow you to dive deeper and stronger into your workout!

    • Learn how to create routines and structure Lagree group classes

    - Key principles of routines

    - Pairing exercises together for maximum efficiency

    - Learn what is considered a block and how to pair blocks together


    April 13 (Sat), 1 pm - 6 pm

    April 14 (Sun), 10 am - 3 pm

    April 19 (Fri), 2 pm - 7 pm

    April 20 (Sat), 1 pm - 6 pm

    April 27 (Sat), 1 pm - 6 pm

    April 28 (Sun), 10 am - 3 pm

    May 3 (Fri), 2 pm - 7 pm

    May 4 (Sat), 1 pm - 6 pm

    All sessions will be held at Quarry Bay Studio

    Observation and practical hours are to be completed during training dates, between April 13 and May 4, at the individual’s own schedule and availability. You need 15 observation and practical hours (5 hours per week) to complete the training!

    About the Faculty:

    Vanessa Valenzuela is H-Kore’s Co-Founder and Lagree Master Trainer.

    Vanessa is a passionate leader and trainer. She has deep knowledge of the Lagree Fitness Method, anatomy, and effective teaching techniques. She has been teaching group and private classes, as well as training H-Kore trainers for almost a decade.


    • Interested students must have completed at least 20 MegaKore classes prior to joining
    • Have a coachable attitude
    • Be fully committed. 100% attendance and participation are required!


    • Full program: $14,900
    • Early bird discount: $13,400 (register before March 15, 2024)

    Refund/ Cancelation: No refund or credit will be given for cancellations on and after March 29, 2024

    How to Apply:

    Please submit your interest by sending us an email at management@h-kore.com.


    We can’t wait to strengthen, stretch and sweat with you! The first step is to create your account, once you’ve registered just purchase your trial pack, book your class and get ready to enjoy Hong Kong’s most talked about workout!


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