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What is CircuitKore?

The CircuitKore series is specifically designed to provide a cardio blasting workout that focuses on strength, endurance, flexibility and mobility training too. Both classes in this series are fun, fast-paced, metabolic and dynamic workouts that will push you to your maximum and leave you sweating, sweating, sweating!

The structure of our CircuitKore classes will always be the same. Both CircuitKore Signature & Bodyweight are 45-minute workouts incorporating High-Intensity Interval training with strength and mobility training. The structure won’t change but no class will be the same - your body will be challenged with different exercises every class.

What is the difference between CircuitKore Signature and CircuitKore BodyWeight?

The basic principles of CircuitKore apply to both Signature and Bodyweight classes. Both classes combine and move through circuits of strength and endurance training with high-intensity cardio blasts.

Both Signature and Bodyweight classes start with mobility drills which are used as a comprehensive warm-up to prepare and activate the body for what comes next. These mobility drills will contribute to the quality of movement throughout the class, preventing injury and helping to achieve optimal results.

The main difference between the two classes is the intensity of the strengthening and endurance elements of each class. CircuitKore Signature incorporates weighted exercises whereas CircuitKore Bodyweight will use the body’s own weight as resistance. Whether you love weights and heavy lifting or you prefer more subtle strength training techniques our CircuitKore classes are guaranteed to improve your strength, endurance, and muscle definition.

CircuitKore Signature:

Our CircuitKore Signature classes focus on strength training using equipment based exercises. This full-body workout incorporates pushing, pulling and compound exercises to strengthen and build muscle. Modifications and progressions will be given to accommodate for individuals needs and progression goals.

These classes are always varied, progressive and engaging.

What can you expect from a CircuitKore Signature Class?

Expect a powerful 45minute workout that will boost your performance, endurance and overall conditioning with a challenging circuit of strength training exercises and high-intensity cardio exercises. Once the body is warmed up with mobility drills you will move through different stations of strength training exercises using equipment such as kettlebells, dumbbells, and weighted wall balls.

Expect to get sweaty, expect to feel stronger and expect to have fun as you move through stations and interact with others. Expect a community-spirited approach that will uplift and invigorate your workout achievements and deliver results to show for. You’ll learn new and exciting ways to work out with free weights, medicine balls, kettlebells and more!

CircuitKore BodyWeight:

This class focuses on strengthening the body using functional training strength exercises. This class aims to improve your mobility, flexibility and core strength by revitalising key postural and stabilizing muscles for a strong, functional and balanced body.

This fun and fast-paced class will leave you feeling energised for the day ahead and teach you new, exciting and challenging ways to work out with your own bodyweight!

What can you expect from a CircuitKore Bodyweight Class?

Expect a dynamic and energetic 45-minute workout where cardio and strengthening exercises will combine to enhance your agility, mobility and functional body movement.

True to its CircuitKore name, expect a circuit of strengthening exercises that will sculpt the body through the use of resistance bands, light handheld weights and the body’s own weight resistance all in the comfort of your own mat. Bodyweight classes target the deeper stabilising muscles, as well as the peripheral (global) muscles, working them to the limit, giving you a strong, chiselled body.

Through a continuous flow of movements and cardio blasting exercises not only will you sweat, sweat, sweat, you will also challenge your balance, agility, and coordination.

Why should I add CircuitKore to my workout routine?

Combining high-intensity cardio work with strength training exercises is the perfect combination for getting in shape and maintaining it. It’s not just about having a chiselled and toned body and looking good, it’s about being as strong internally and externally.

A lot of what defines your fitness is your aerobic capacity; how your body uses oxygen to create energy and fuel exercise activity. Fitness levels depend on how effectively oxygen is used at any given point in time during exertion.

During CircuitKore we use interval training with different exertion levels to access both the aerobic and anaerobic systems. The difference between these systems is the amount of effort needed and the fuel source the body uses to complete them.

Your respiration and heart rate differ in aerobic activities versus anaerobic ones. Oxygen is your main energy source during aerobic workouts. This is when you can steadily maintain a level of exertion for long periods of time.

During anaerobic exercise (short and intense bursts) your body requires immediate energy. Your body relies on stored energy sources like glucose, rather than oxygen, to fuel itself.

It’s hard for most people to push themselves to an anaerobic zone where you lose your breath and feel your heart pounding faster and faster. With interval training, you push yourself to that level because of the active recovery and aerobic interval that comes right after you reach that point.

Moving in and out of these different training zones helps keep a healthy and more efficient heart. A strong heart can effectively pump more blood and supply the whole body with more oxygen. More oxygen helps increase metabolism. A higher metabolism means you burn more calories in a shorter amount of time. It’s a win-win for all!

Interested to Try? Our CircuitKore Signature and CircuitKore Body Weight classes are running every week in our Quarry Bay studio.


We can’t wait to strengthen, stretch and sweat with you! The first step is to create your account, once you’ve registered just purchase your trial pack, book your class and get ready to enjoy Hong Kong’s most talked about workout!


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