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06 Oct 2021

Cristina has been living and breathing wellness for 25 years now. Her passion for fitness and nutrition led her to study Exercise Prescription and Sports Nutrition. With a foundation in Personal Training, Cristina expanded her movement portfolio into Yoga in 2015 without the intention of becoming a teacher. Though after many years of practicing yoga and reaping the benefits that the practice gives to body and mind, Cristina felt compelled to share the practice. Cristina is also the Founder of The Vibe Tribe, where she puts on the hat of a Holistic Integrative Coach. Her mission is to support humans to be better and the world to be a better place for all living beings.

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Meet the newest member of our fit-fam, Tryphena

05 Oct 2021

Tryphena has been teaching yoga since 2008. Since then, she has invested many hours in training with Baron Baptiste, both as a student, & as an assistant in his trainings. She has led numerous workshops, retreats, as well as teacher training over the years. Expect a well-rounded & ground practice in Tryphena’s classes. Come play!

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Meet the newest member of our fit-fam, Alexa

20 Jul 2021

Alexa started her Lagree journey in 2014 when she joined a friend on a trial class. She has been a freelance makeup artist since 2006 and was never one to workout before having her kids. Postpartum, she made the decision to include fitness as part of her lifestyle to set a good example for her children.

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23 Jun 2021

We're pleased to announce that the government is now allowing gyms to run mask-free fitness classes and personal training sessions for fully vaccinated staff and clients. As such we will be introducing special classes for fully vaccinated clients starting from Monday, 28 June. Mask-free personal training sessions can be arranged through the reception desk.

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Meet the newest member of our fit-fam, Sami

06 May 2021

Originally from the United States, Sami found Lagree Fitness and H-Kore upon relocating to Hong Kong in early 2018. A self-described “fitness freak” always looking for a new challenge, Sami tried Megakore at the urging of his friends and was instantly hooked.

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Meet the newest member of our fit-fam, Elena

06 May 2021

Elena’s yoga journey started from a hot room in freezing St Petersburg, Russia back in 2013. She fell in love with the practice as it made her feel free, energised and grounded at the same time. She’s since become a regular practitioner and yoga devotee. Yoga changed Elena’s life, bringing a sense of freedom, calmness and acceptance, lifelong true friendships and much more.

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Meet the newest member of our fit-fam, Daniella

06 May 2021

Daniella is originally from London and moved to Hong Kong in 2018 with a job in Finance, it didn’t take long for her to leave the corporate world behind and pursue her passion for a career in fitness, and she hasn’t looked back since! She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and has taught Functional fitness, Strength and HIIT.

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