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All about our CircuitKore Signature and CircuitKore Bodyweight classes

19 Sep 2019

Answering all of your questions on what is CurcuitKore? What is the difference between our CK Signature and CK Bodyweight classes? And more!

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Everything you wanted to know about our Yoga Sculpt classes!

09 Sep 2019

What is Yoga Sculpt, what to expect from it and why you should add it to your yoga routine.

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September Yoga Theme: TWISTING ASANAS. Twisting and Rotating for Optimal Spinal Mobility

01 Sep 2019

Read more about this month's yoga flow classes theme in this article.

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Trainer in the spotlight: Vanessa Valenzuela

02 Aug 2019

Vanessa speaks about her own path in yoga, what to expect from her classes and why Yoga and Lagree is a perfect combination.

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August Yoga Theme: Coming into the center of all things. Working with muscular engagement to create stability.

01 Aug 2019

Getting more out of your yoga practice doesn’t mean you must practice 7 days a week or be able to do advanced asanas. You get the most out of yoga by practicing in a mindful, conscious and fully present way.

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Trainer in the spotlight: Eleanor Gould-Pereira

02 Jul 2019

You've been to her classes, worked out alongside her, but how well do you know H-Kore Trainer, Eleanor? Do you know which exercises make her squirm, or how she motivates herself on lazy days?

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The Science Behind Lagree Fitness

01 Jul 2019

Lagree Fitness™ is an innovative workout specifically designed to strengthen, tighten, and tone the body quickly and safely. Simply put, Lagree Fitness is the most unique and efficient approach to full body conditioning. Here are some key elements to fitness visionary Sebastien Lagree’s widely endorsed training program:

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