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It has been proven by scientists, that working out with a friend improves fitness performance and increases training frequency and enjoyment levels. This has also been tried and tested at H-Kore over the last 7 years. Our dear clients Sophie and Megan are the perfect example of this. They ALWAYS train together, show up with huge smiles and giggle even when our trainers are teaching the toughest of routines. We met up to chat about their friendship, relationship with sports and how they keep up their incredibly positive energy all the time.

Can you guys share a bit about yourselves. Where are you from? What do you do? How did you end up living in Hong Kong?

Megan: I am originally from Florida, USA. I have been in Hong Kong now for 11 years. I came over as a dancer and a performer, which is how I met Sophie and we became great friends. Through Sophie, I actually started doing different fitness classes in my free time and really enjoyed it. This is when my career turned more into fitness.

I run a production company called Megan B Entertainment and organise various forms of entertainment for different private, corporate, and commercial events.

Sophie: I've been in Hong Kong for 8 years now. I am a professional dancer and performer from the UK and have basically the same story. I had a contract to come work in Hong Kong. Later, I became a personal trainer. I also run a company called Purple Turtle Parties/HIREASAURUS which provides superhero, princess and dinosaur entertainment for children’s parties and events.

What's your relationship with sports? Have you always been active? What's your favourite type of exercise?

Sophie: I do a lot of weights, conditioning, yoga, dance and of course, H-Kore. I think that we both like the mix of exercises, since it gives a good balance.

Megan: I was an instructor at the studio BounceLimit. I've done a lot of rebounding fitness classes, from TRX to Tabata, and that has been my primary form of exercise. And of course, H-Kore!

Do you remember your first H-Kore class?

Megan: Oh yes. Mine was probably a year ago and it was definitely hard. I remember it was so different unlike any training I’ve done before and I was exhausted on the third move.

Sophie: My first H-Kore class was around two years ago and then I brought Megan to try it as well. The first class was REALLY difficult.

You both look incredible and we always see you at the studio full of energy and smiling. Are there any principles that you follow to stay healthy and happy? What does being healthy and fit mean to you?

Sophie: If we didn't train and didn't get in the fitness regiment, then we wouldn't feel good about ourselves. It makes us feel so much better and healthier. Even if it's painful at the time, you always feel great afterwards. It is worth just getting it done, even if you're not in the mood for it that day. And that is why we love working out together, because we keep each other accountable and are there for each other.

Megan: That’s right! Health is happiness and it’s important we remember to look after ourselves. The Hong Kong lifestyle gets hectic and sometimes we get swept away without taking the time for those necessary breaks from work. Everyone needs an outlet and it’s so much more fun when it’s with your best friend. Not to mention that Sophie and I are almost always laughing, which is definitely part of our daily routine.

We always see you coming to the studio together. How often do you work out with each other?

Megan: We ALWAYS schedule our H-Kore classes together and we’ve been doing it now for about a year. Of course our schedules sometimes clash, but 90% of the time we’re coming in together. It’s our thing.

Sophie: We love H-Kore classes. Coming here is a whole routine for us. We go do a work out, we get our coffee after. It’s a great excuse for us to see each other.

Megan: And I think everything about this experience is what makes it so enjoyable and happy. And we love every second of it. Even if we are tired or class is really challenging, we still absolutely love it, which is why we continue to do it. Especially when a good song comes up…that's all you need to keep going.

What are your go-to workout tunes?

Sophie: The Weeknd - Blinding lights!

Megan: And in fact, we are sharing playlists all the time. We also ask H-Kore trainers what their playlists are and then send it to each other. We’re jamming out to Eleanor's and Allison's most recent playlists now.

Hong Kong is a city full of indulgences, what’s your favourite way to indulge after a long week?

Sophie: We always go for manicures together. We also like to have wine. Oh, and brunches or breakfasts.

We have this joke, that it's only the two of us showing up. We have a group of girlfriends and any time we try to get together, it would end up with only the two of us showing up. Someone would be late, have an emergency, or would forget we had a meeting. In the end it would always be the two of us.

Megan: I think that it's something that ties us together. We were always the ones who tried to make an effort and be there, to show up for each other. That's important in friendship. You have to support each other. And this especially helps when scheduling our workouts together.

Sophie: If you just canceled on each other every time, it wouldn’t be as motivating for sure.

How many 20:30 challenges have you done before?

Megan: This is my second one.

Sophie: It’s my 3rd one!

Do you remember what was the effect? How did you feel after?

Megan: You definitely feel yourself getting stronger while certain exercises that were really challenging before become a little bit easier. It's rewarding when you can feel that and remember how difficult it was before. I think it makes such a difference when we come here more than just once or twice a week. To really feel like you are getting the best of it and seeing a difference, you need to do Lagree at least 3-4 times a week.

Sophie: Yes, definitely, I feel the same. In the beginning you feel like 20 classes is A LOT and not doable, but I used to do 3 classes, then you add up a few more, and then more and it doesn’t feel so scary anymore. It was really funny. The other day one of the girls asked us after the class “How do you find the energy for so many classes?”. But the answer is “You just have to keep working out, sweating it out - that’s where you get your energy from”. And the more you do it, the easier it gets.

What do you always have in your fridge?

Megan: I am a really big fan of string cheese!

Sophie: Cheese. I always have different kinds of cheeses.

Guilty pleasure?

Megan: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Sophie: Wine!

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