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Our rewards program is here to honour all your hard work, consistency and dedication!

We will reward you with a discount on your next pack when you hit a milestone class. The first milestone class is your 50th! We know that sounds like a lot, but just ask some of our regulars, they'll tell you it flies by!

On the day of your 50th class you will receive an email congratulating you on hitting this milestone, letting you know we have a small gift for you at reception and be offered a 5% discount on your next pack.

Your next milestone class is your 100th class, you'll also get a 10% discount on your next pack and a small gift!

After every 100 classes you will receive a 10% discount and small gift from us!

Each discount will be valid for 30 days from the day you receive your email. You can use it to buy one of the following packs:

MegaKore 6, 10, 20 and 40 packs or Studio 10 and 20 packs.

Things to note:

  • The system will count your attended classes automatically; missed or cancelled classes will not count.
  • If you've opted out of our marketing emails you won't receive these emails and you'll miss out.
  • Unfortunately classes on our previous booking system will not count. If you want to know just how many classes you've done in total, send us an email and we will check for you.
  • If you book and attend classes in both Central and Quarry Bay studios your classes will be tallied separately. In order to hit your milestone you will need to do 50 / 100 classes in the one studio.
  • Clients on our 6 and 12 month contracts will not be eligible for a rewards discount.

How often should you be coming to classes?

This varies from one person to the next, and depends on your fitness level before starting H-Kore. The MegaKore workout on the Megaformer is designed to create muscle fatigue, at which point you should rest and recover. Three times a week is usually the average, although committed clients will find themselves going 5 times a week!

Incorporate a variety of classes into your routine and work out with us everyday so you can reach your milestone classes quicker!


We can’t wait to strengthen, stretch and sweat with you! The first step is to create your account, once you’ve registered just purchase your trial pack, book your class and get ready to enjoy Hong Kong’s most talked about workout!


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