22 Sep 2021 | Events

Happy Birthday H-Kore Quarry Bay!!!!!

To celebrate our 3rd birthday at our Taikoo Place location we are launching THE STUDIO by H-Kore. Alongside our well known MegaKore classes we are introducing an array of in-studio classes. Staying true to our core principles of creating small, personalised group classes lead by highly professional and experienced teachers and trainers “The Studio” by H-Kore will offer a well-rounded class schedule offering Yoga, Barre, Circuit, Mat Pilates and more.

Any time of day, whether you need something to calm the mind or bust energy and endorphins, we have it all. Come Strengthen, Stretch and Sweat with us!

We know that flexibility is important, not only for our body but in life. With ever changing work and life schedules, fitness schedules need to be flexible. We’ve got you covered.

You can join our variety of classes using different booking options – We offer drop in rates, credit pack bundles or monthly memberships so you’ll never skip a training day again!


Visit us during our opening week which runs from Monday 4 October to Friday 31 October, and join any first time studio class for FREE (Yoga, Circuit, Mat Pilates, Barre-style classes).

Scroll down to read all about each our launch offers:


Details of the 30 day unlimited membership:

  • Enjoy 20% off the 30 day unlimited membership if you purchase during our opening month (4-31 Oct). Pay just $1200 for unlimited access to “The Studio” classes. Valid for 30 days from date of purchase.
  • As part of your 30 day membership you can bring 1 new friend to any 1 class per week for FREE (new friend must be a first timer).
  • No contracts, just purchase it again when you want to train.


Visit us during opening month and enjoy a 20% discount on "THE STUDIO" packs:
Pay just $4,000 for a 20 pack ($200 per class, 1 year expiry)
Pay just $2,080 for a 10 pack ($208 per class, 1 year expiry)


Don't miss out! Join us for class in THE STUDIO during launch week and you'll walk away with a $200 Sweaty Betty gift voucher!

Participants of the following classes will also receive a special Sweaty Betty gift, and i
f you purchase a pack or membership after joining one of these classes you'll receive an additional $500 voucher!

  • Yoga Align with Cristina on Monday 11th October at 6:15pm
  • BarreKore with Chloe on Tuesday 19th October at 9:45am
  • Yoga Flow with Tryphena on Wednesday 6th October at 12:30pm
  • CircuitKore with Bella on Thursday 21st October at 7:15 pm
  • Kore Focus Mat Pilates with Chiva on Thursday 28th October at 9:15am

Get booking now!

We look forward to welcoming you to "THE STUDIO" and introducing you to some new classes, new trainers and creating some fun memories together!


Yoga Flow:

Find your rhythm and breath in Yoga Flow. This vinyasa style of yoga combines static postures with dynamic transitions guided by the breath bringing the perfect balance of

  • heat to the body using strength, balance and flow
  • alignment principles used to educate and deepen the practice.

This 60 min Flow class will improve flexibility, strengthen your muscles, build up a sweat. Mindfulness techniques will be taught throughout the class, allowing you to step away from the stresses of everyday life and leave you feeling invigorated.

Yoga Sculpt:

When weights meet yoga, Yoga Sculpt is born. This class incorporates free weights into a high energy, fun and upbeat yoga flow structured class. The result in the epiphany of strengthening, stretching and sweating all at once.

Expect a 60 min dynamic and challenging class exploring beyond the limits of your body while also placing focus on awareness, mindfulness and meditation.

Yoga Align:

Become more conscious, more present and more skilful with your body and mind. Alignment Yoga is an asana practice based on using individual’s physical abilities while aligning to certain key principals. A slower paced class allowing students to stay in each pose longer for a deeper exploration. Maximising the benefits of each asana while respecting your body’s limits and unique anatomy.

This 60min class will introduce you the skills to find the hidden Yogi in you.

Yoga Restore:

Stretch, stretch, stretch while cultivating a powerful inner awareness. This class is great for office workers and anyone looking for a mindful way to stretch while allowing the mind and body to relax

Expect to stay in asanas for a longer time using the support of props allowing you to restore the balance of your body while relaxing the mind.


A fun, fast-paced metabolic and dynamic class that will push you to your max and leave you sweating! Expect innovative training techniques, incorporating HIIT style moves with mobility and movement along with strength training using wall balls, free weights kettlebells and more!


Musically driven and High energy!

This class combines the elements of Classical Ballet technique, Pilates and Yoga with a touch of HIIT. Expect a highly effective full-body workout fusing both controlled isolated movements with dynamic full range movement guaranteed to work you to the core as you lengthen and strengthen the body. Move seamlessly from each transition whilst working up and sweat and of course feeling that brilliant barre burn!

Kore Focus (Mat Pilates):
A unique, fun and transformative class designed to strengthen and chisel your body.

Based on the principles of mat Pilates, this low-impact class focuses on targeting your core and sculpting your muscles whilst improving posture, flexibility and alignment.

Helping you to feel stronger, longer and leaner and at your best!


We can’t wait to strengthen, stretch and sweat with you! The first step is to create your account, once you’ve registered just purchase your trial pack, book your class and get ready to enjoy Hong Kong’s most talked about workout!


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