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02 Jul 2019 | News

Getting lost in the details of the asanas creates a focused and mindful practice.

In Yoga Flow we focus on a different theme each month so you can deepen your practice and track your progress. This July we're taking it Back to basics which means setting the right foundation and the proper alignment.

Asana practice is a tool we use to access our body and mind. It’s not about creating perfect shapes; it’s about connecting with our body and mind while we work and move through different poses. We want to use the asana practice to access our body and our mind, not other way around.

Throughout our YogaFlow practice we will be setting the right foundations: learn what hands and feet should be doing in each asana and emerge ourselves in alignment details.

Why is it important?

Only from stability and strength can we find a safe and secure place to stretch and extend from. Strength and stretch will always go hand in hand in a yoga practice and we will always want to incorporate both.

Only from a stable and strong foundation does growth happen. Creating engagement and strength by working with points of contact. How hands and feet connect to the mat. What body parts are connecting and how they interact to create engagement.

Mental Attributes to foster while working on a basic foundation - a practice that finds a balance between challenging the mind to be fully present, aware and immersed in the body, and then fining moments where we allow the mind to relax completely. Balancing full immersion and total relaxation.


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