05 Feb 2020 | Blog

Have you met Chiva, long-term H-Kore client turned talented trainer? If you have, you’ll have felt her warmth, seen her passion for fitness and received her undivided attention in class. We’ve sat down to talk in length about her background, her passion and why she made the switch from banking to fitness.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to discover the Lagree Fitness method.

I was born in Hong Kong and studied in high school and university in Toronto. Before becoming a trainer I worked in banking and corporate for 11 years. I think it was 4 years ago when I experienced my first Megakore class. I used to be one of the clients who worked in Central and came in to H-Kore during lunch hour to get a sweaty and effective full body workout and I absolutely loved it.

Have you always had a passion for fitness?

I started exploring the fitness industry and different methods about 10 years ago. I’ve practiced different types of exercises, such as yoga, TRX, weight training, HIIT and of course Lagree Fitness method at H-Kore.

What led to you becoming a fitness trainer?

At first I was really eager to advance my own workout and fitness knowledge, which led me to the decision to pursue my CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) and CES (Corrective Certified Specialist) qualifications with National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). After my studies, I started working as a part-time fitness coach teaching TRX, HIIT and circuit training classes. Later on I joined H-Kore to become part of the amazing team :)

What can clients expect from your classes?

I teach both MegaKore and CircuitKore classes at H-Kore. You can expect challenging, sweaty, but very rewarding full-body workouts when joining my classes. I try to motivate my clients to reach their potential and to progress in every class.

What is your favourite Lagree exercise and why?

It’s difficult to choose just one because they are all great. . I love “floor plank to pike”. because it requires a whole lot from all parts of your body.. upper, lower, core strength, as well as flexibility. Doing it in good form always leaves you feeling like you’ve accomplished something extremely hard.

What is your favourite workout song at the moment?

Blinding Lights – The Weekend

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Wine and chips :)

We know you also love to train with kettlebells, why do you like incorporating kettlebells into your workout?

Training with kettlebells is about strength and cardio fitness, combining weight liftings and cardiovascular workouts. It’s amazing for your workout regime.

What’s your favourite kettlebell move and why?

Swings. They train your cardiovascular system while also strengthening your core, hips, glutes, hamstrings. You get a whole lot of goodness doing rounds of swings.

Do you have any tips for an H-Kore first timer?

Do not feel nervous. Observe and listen to both visual and audio cues. Pay attention to your body alignment and movement. Do not feel discouraged if you cannot complete any of the exercises in the class. We all start somewhere, and practice makes perfect. We all train to get to where we are and aspired to be. Doing so will guarantee you coming out of a class feeling awesome!

How do you stay motivated to train and what tips do you have for those who might be struggling to stay motivated?

Pay attention to your body and fitness level and remind yourself that we need to maintain and improve. Small but regular improvements will make a huge difference.

When you’re not in the studio, where can we find you?

At the gym training or lying on my couch watching Netflix and chilling.

Aside from your passion for fitness what else do you love to do?

I love to paint.


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