25 Apr 2022 | News

You’ve been teaching yoga and working in the wellness industry for many years now. Tell us, what made you interested in becoming a Lagree trainer?

I love how Lagree is a low-impact strength training workout that compliments my yoga practice.

What was the first class like?

The first class was very humbling & memorable. it was in NYC & even though I was shaking all over the place & woke up feeling so sore, I absolutely loved it.

How did Lagree change your body?

I can feel that my body is stronger and leaner. Oh, and my clothes fit better!

What is your favorite Mega move and why?

I love the cobra because it’s so hard but so good

Did Lagree impact your Yoga practice?

Yes!! I am much stronger, inversions feel easier and lighter. But with gaining strength, it means I lose some flexibility but I’m ok with that. My body feels great!

What can students expect from your MegaKore classes?

I strive to create a balanced workout because that is how I would like my workouts to feel as well. You will leave feeling calm & equally worked through the whole body.


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