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Understanding the basic principles of how hands and feet work within yoga asana

Date and time: Saturday 4 December from 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Location: THE STUDIO, H-Kore, Quarry Bay Studio


Who should attend and why?

Energetically, the hands and feet are the foundation in yoga asana.

The most known yoga asana - Downward Dog uses both hands and feet as the foundation.

In this 2 hr workshop, our attention and studies will focus on hands and feet. We will learn how to engage them, how to strengthen from the palms to the wrist and the soles to the ankles before we then move with this new awareness into an all level yoga Hatha class.

What information will be covered?

The workshop with be divided into 3 different parts:

  1. Learning about the anatomy of our hands and feet
  2. Theory - Hands and Feet in Surya Namaskar A and B (Sun Salutation)
  3. Practice: Integration a 60 min Hatha Class

What will be the take away?

  • An understanding on the principles of the foundation of hands and feet
  • Stability, intelligence and body awareness
  • Breathing improvement
  • Alignment and postural techniques
  • General knowledge, insights and learnings for your yoga practice

What are the benefits?

This workshop will enable you to absorb key principles and provide insights on how to improve body awareness further into your yoga asana.

Workshop expectations:

Expect to learn how to effectively activate the foundations of the body in all yoga asana

What should you expect during the workshop?

Introduction 15 minutes Basic Anatomy

  • What makes up our hands and feet
  • Hand and Foot mobility exercise (including wrists and ankles)
  • Anchoring in Asana

Body 1 hour: Hatha Yoga Practice

Closing 15 min

Summary of main points. Sharing. Time for Q&A


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