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Our signature class for all fitness levels that ties together Core, Endurance, Cardio, Balance, Strength and Flexibility training into every move. Expect low impact targeted exercises performed at a slow and controlled pace to activate the slow twitch muscle fibers to build a long lean physique and burn fat.

With informative instruction, fast-paced transitions and a variety of moves, our 45minute dynamic and unique classes will deliver results fast!

The slow and controlled movements make this class the perfect workout for anyone rehabbing an injury, also for preventing them. Modifications and advancements will be provided throughout the class.

Class Benefits

  • A challenging full-body workout
  • Builds lean muscle mass
  • High intensity and low impact
  • Strengthens & tones the body
  • Works over 600 muscles in 45 minutes
  • Small class sizes focusing on personalised attention



Intensity bars provide general guidelines but all classes are modified to meet individual fitness and skill levels.

Suitable for

  • All Levels

Available in




  • Remember our 12 hour cancellation policy.
  • Latecomers can’t join classes for safety reasons. Sorry!
  • No socks no class - for hygiene and safety.
  • The studio is a no phone zone.
  • A full list of amenities can be viewed by selecting your studio; Central or Quarry Bay

My wife dragged me to H-Kore for my first session in August 2014. I had recently turned 50 and was feeling in a fitness rut. I will never forget the intensity of the first few classes, but also the elation at having survived and the immediate sensation (and pain) of discovering new muscles that I had never worked out before. After a couple of weeks, I was hooked. I have never done any exercise that has such visible and rapid results. Having a strong core is so important for every other sport/physical activity. I noticed that it really helped improve my skiing and tennis. Now I have done over 700 classes and H-Kore is well and truly a part of my life -that I can’t do without. All of the instructors are great and each has a different style and most have really cool playlists. It remains very challenging each time after nearly 5 years, but feels great to keep getting stronger –and working to be “younger next year”. Best of all, there’s a lively community of H-Kore devotees and I’ve made some amazing friends amongst the diverse clientele. Now when I go on holiday, I also try to fit in some Lagree classes around the globe whenever possible. Thank you to the H-Kore Team!

Charles H

Valued Client

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