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About Bella

Bella was part of the school's gymnastic team before junior high, since graduating, health and wellness weren't playing a big role in her life until she joined H-Kore back in 2018. Lagree Fitness was a game-changer that impacted her, by not only helping to correct her posture but also by making her stronger inside and out (mentally and physically).

Bella was suffering from bad lower back pain for quite a while and that's why she decided to study to obtain a NASM Personal Trainer Certification. She wanted to understand the human body and how various exercises can make one not only physically fit, but also how they can help solve different health conditions including her own.

With her training approach, Bella wants her clients to find a balanced and engaging way to achieve their goals rather than pushing themselves to the absolute limit whether it be training or a diet. She believes that step by step approach can get you even further than you could imagine.

Bella is confident that life brought her to Fitness & Wellness on purpose. She is enthusiastic to keep learning and helping people in setting the right mindset, not only in fitness but in life as well.

You can choose the challenge, or you can choose comfort, but you cannot choose both.



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