28 Feb 2020 | Events

Would you like to reduce stress and enhance your overall physical health and emotional well-being? Then our H-Kore Breathing and Meditation Pop-Up class is for you.

This class combines restorative poses, breathing exercises and guided meditation to create a nurturing experience where you’ll find a chance to pause, reflect, destress and let go of your day.

Starting with restorative and gentle poses you will open, relax and prepare the body and calm the mind. Breathing exercises will then be introduced as a form of active meditation. During this class, you will work with intentional breathing and determination to use the breath in a dynamic and energetic way.

Guided meditation and visualisation will then be used to take you into a passive meditation where you will work towards the art of quieting the mind.

Working with both active and passive techniques of meditation will enhance your abilities to concentrate and relax. You will bring the body, mind and senses into balance which, in turn, relaxes the nervous system.

Expect to let go of the external quest to turn your attention inward leaving you feeling clam, rejuvenated and uplifted.

No experience is required, this class is welcome to all.

When: 18 & 25 March at 7:45pm

Where: H-Kore Quarry Bay

Instructor: Gedvile


Or drop in: $150


We can’t wait to strengthen, stretch and sweat with you! The first step is to create your account, once you’ve registered just purchase your trial pack, book your class and get ready to enjoy Hong Kong’s most talked about workout!


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