Our Classes

Our classes are designed to get the most out of you in 45 minutes. Our H-Kore Basics class allows you to experience our unique Megaformer and set you on your way to burning calories!

Fancy jumping right into the thick of it? Then start with our standard H-Kore class. This full body workout will strengthen your body, tighten your muscles, burn fat, improve endurance and jump-start your metabolism. All our classes encourage maximum exertion with minimal risk of injury.  In fact, if you are currently sporting an injury, we can tailor our workout, so you can still workout!

Once you’ve completed 8 classes, step up your workout by trying our blended class KettleKore. A big fan of cardio & HIIT workouts? Then CircuitKore is designed just for you. If you want to add some muscle, then try our KettleKore classes!