Our Classes

Choose any class from our H-Kore, YogaKore or CircuitKore series for a full and rewarding workout. Want to focus more on Strengthening, Stretching or Sweating without having to sacrifice the other two? We’ve got good news! All three elements will always be incorporated into each class so you’re guaranteed to strengthen your muscles, get your heart rate up and stretch out your entire body.

H-Kore Series: Strengthen Stretch Sweat! Fancy jumping right into the thick of it? Then start with our regular H-Kore class. Our 45 minute Lagree Fitness classes are a full body workout. They will strengthen your body, tighten your muscles, burn fat, improve endurance and jump-start your metabolism.

New to H-Kore? Don’t know your French Twist from your Ice Breaker? Don’t worry, H-Kore Basics is the perfect introduction to Lagree Fitness. H-Kore Basics breaks down the techniques and takes things at a slightly slower pace.

Once you’ve mastered our signature Megaformer moves, why not jump in to one of our KettleKore classes. If you’ve never worked with kettlebells before or want to refresh the basics, then KettleKore Basics is the class for you. You’ll be guided through the basic fundamentals to safely and effectively work with kettlebells. You’ll learn how to swing, squat thrust, clean and snatch combined with our signature H-Kore workout.  KettleKore Basics is suitable for any skill or fitness level. Regular KettleKore classes require students to complete 8 H-Kore or KettleKore Basics before joining.

New mum’s and mum’s-to-be can jump in to our Pre & Post Natal classes! All exercises are modified to ensure you are working in a safe and appropriate manner. At H-Kore, we understand that your body needs that special care and attention before and after you give birth. So whether you are looking to stay fit during your pregnancy or working to recover your pre-natal figure, these classes are specially designed for you.

YogaKore Series: Strengthen Stretch Sweat! Find your rhythm and breath in Yoga Flow, a vinyasa style of yoga combining static postures with dynamic transitions guided by the breath. Expect a challenging sequence used to explore beyond the limits of your body. This class brings the perfect balance of 1) heat to the body using strength, balance and flow 2) alignment principles used to educate and deepen the practice.

When muscles meet yoga, Yoga Sculpt is born. This class incorporates free weights into a high energy, fun and upbeat yoga flow structured class. The result is the epiphany of strengthening, stretching and sweating all at once.

CircuitKore Series: Strengthen Stretch Sweat! CircuitKore Signature is a fun, fast-paced metabolic and dynamic class that will push you to your maximum and leave you sweating! Expect innovative training techniques, incorporating HIIT style moves with mobility and movement along with strength training using wall balls, free weights kettlebells and more!

CircuitKore Body Weight is a bodyweight based circuit class working your mobility, endurance, agility to create a lean, defined and toned body. Expect to use mobility drills to prepare the body to move through both strength and cardio training exercises. You can expect Russian twists, bear crawls and ostrich walks!

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