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August Yoga Theme: Coming into the center of all things. Working with muscular engagement to create stability.

01 Aug 2019

Getting more out of your yoga practice doesn’t mean you must practice 7 days a week or be able to do advanced asanas. You get the most out of yoga by practicing in a mindful, conscious and fully present way.

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Vogue HK: Top Pilates Studios in Hong Kong

23 Jul 2019

Be prepared to strengthen, sweat and stretch at any of H-Kore’s classes in Central and Quarry Bay. The well-known studio focuses on efficient workouts that always make you feel the burn. Founders Vivienne and Vanessa opened the Lagree studio in 2013 and it has grown a cult following in a short space of time. They regularly hold challenges that are surprisingly effective if you need a motivational boost. The urban décor, high energy instructors and loud music are the perfect accompaniment to the classes wellness insiders love.

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Trainer in the spotlight: Eleanor Gould-Pereira

02 Jul 2019

You've been to her classes, worked out alongside her, but how well do you know H-Kore Trainer, Eleanor? Do you know which exercises make her squirm, or how she motivates herself on lazy days?

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02 Jul 2019

Bring a friend, who's never been to H-Kore before, and if they buy a 6 pack or more you get a FREE class!

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July Yoga Theme: Back to basics. Setting the foundation and the right alignment

02 Jul 2019

In Yoga Flow we focus on a different theme each month so you can deepen your practice and track your progress. Read more to find out about our July theme.

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The Science Behind Lagree Fitness

01 Jul 2019

Lagree Fitness™ is an innovative workout specifically designed to strengthen, tighten, and tone the body quickly and safely. Simply put, Lagree Fitness is the most unique and efficient approach to full body conditioning. Here are some key elements to fitness visionary Sebastien Lagree’s widely endorsed training program:

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Trainer in the spotlight: Xiomara Gonzalez

03 Jun 2019

Xiomara shares her experience as a fitness trainer and talks about our Quarry Bay CircuitKore classes

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Hong Kong Tatler: 10 Most Instagram-Friendly Gyms In Hong Kong

28 May 2019

The Megaformer may be one of the most challenging pieces of fitness equipment you’ll ever encounter, but the H-Kore workout will sure make you feel like you’ve earned every single like with your sweat. Ask any of the H-Kore instructors to show you some killer moves to pose in for the ‘gram—even a simple lunge looks ten times cooler on the Megaformer.

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