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Vogue HK: 7 Unique Workouts To Try In Hong Kong

29 Jul 2021

For a high-intensity but low-impact workout, step on a Megaformer machine in one of H-Kore’s Megakore lagree fitness class. Over the past few years, lagree fitness has taken the world by storm for bringing together bodybuilding techniques with pilates. Slow and controlled reps on the Megaformer are not only beneficial for injury rehabilitation, but also strengthens the body with a focus on form.

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HK Tatler: Where To Find Vaccine Bubble Workout Classes In Hong Kong

20 Jul 2021

For a full-body workout that’ll both strengthen and stretch your body, try H-Kore’s Megaformer classes. The studio specialises in lagree fitness, a workout method that combines resistance training and cardio by using its Megaformer device. Their low-impact, high-intensity exercises are designed to have you work until muscle failure, and it’s believed that lagree fitness helps burn fat for up to 38 hours post-workout. H-Kore currently offers two to five vaccinated mask-free classes where clients must have had their second vaccine at least two weeks before. To keep your Covid-19 worries at bay, all teaching staff at H-Kore have been fully vaccinated.

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Hong Kong Tatler: Neighbourhood Guide: What To Eat, Drink And Do In Quarry Bay

30 Jun 2021

Whether you’re a fitness beginner or pro-level powerhouse, H-Kore has you covered. The bright and spacious Quarry Bay location boasts two fully kitted-out studios, which play host to dozens of classes that cater to all abilities, including yoga, circuit training, Lagree fitness, barre, and kettlebell workouts. Focusing on small class sizes offering more personalised attention, you’ll be strengthening, stretching and sweating your way to your fitness goals in no time.

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The Soothe: Your ultimate wellness city guide to Hong Kong

26 Apr 2021

H-Kore’s unique training methods will ensure that all your fitness needs are met. Try the MegaKore classes which are 45-minute Lagree Fitness classes performed on the state-of-the-art Megaformer machine will strengthen and tone your whole body.

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Sassy Mama: Prenatal Fitness In Hong Kong: Stay Active During Your Pregnancy

02 Mar 2021

For prenatal and postnatal ladies looking to tone up their arms and legs, H-Kore is the place to go. Start out in the dedicated Pre and Post Natal classes before moving on (if you’d like) to the MegaKore Basics classes. In all classes, exercises will be modified to ensure a safe workout for women looking to stay fit during their pregnancy. With small class sizes for individual attention and upbeat music, it’s all about creating an inviting, but also challenging, group environment for the courageous and strong mumma-to-bes out there.

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#Legend: Hong Kong’s best gym classes to burn off those lockdown pounds

22 Feb 2021

Born in sunny California, Lagree fitness made its way to Asia 8 years ago, with its first stop in Hong Kong. If you’ve yet to cross the Megaformer off your list, or you feel like you’ve plateaued with your regular gym sessions, it may be time to head to H-Kore for their Megakore class. A little intimidating at first, the megaformer machine is fitness magic, and those familiar with it swear (and sweat!) by it.

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The Best Online Fitness Classes For Your At-Home Workout

18 Feb 2021

Best for: Strength training, yoga, barre and kettlebell For those with a busy schedule, H-Kore’s on-demand classes are here to help you get moving at any time, from anywhere. From kettlebell training to a calming yoga class and barre, there’s a variety of training programmes to choose from (we recommend opting for the seven-day unlimited pass if you’re unsure of where to start!). If you’d like to train privately with a personalised training programme, H-Kore also offers private training sessions for you to target specific fitness goals.

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#legend: 7 female gym bosses who are shaping Hong Kong’s fitness industry

06 Nov 2020

Vivienne and Vanessa took the fitness industry by storm when they opened H-Kore in 2011. A fitness regimen loved by the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Meghan Markle, Lagree Fitness is a high-intensity, low-impact workout adaptable to all fitness levels. The duo fell in love with the Lagree method while in London and decided to bring it to Hong Kong when they found themselves falling out of shape and missing the workout. As co-founder of the city’s first and only Lagree Fitness Studio, Mexico-born Vanessa is also a Lagree certified instructor who can be found at H-Kore’s locations in Central and Quarry Bay.

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