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#legend: 7 female gym bosses who are shaping Hong Kong’s fitness industry

06 Nov 2020

Vivienne and Vanessa took the fitness industry by storm when they opened H-Kore in 2011. A fitness regimen loved by the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Meghan Markle, Lagree Fitness is a high-intensity, low-impact workout adaptable to all fitness levels. The duo fell in love with the Lagree method while in London and decided to bring it to Hong Kong when they found themselves falling out of shape and missing the workout. As co-founder of the city’s first and only Lagree Fitness Studio, Mexico-born Vanessa is also a Lagree certified instructor who can be found at H-Kore’s locations in Central and Quarry Bay.

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Sassy Mama: Back To The Mat: Pre- And Postnatal Workout Classes In Hong Kong

06 Nov 2020

The best part about this intense full-body workout is that it is easy on the joints, which is particularly important postpartum (because ligaments and tendons are more supple than usual). A 45-minute session will get your heart pumping, make you stronger and stretch you like a yogi!

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#legend: 6 toughest workouts in Hong Kong to get scary fit

31 Oct 2020

Tackling strength, cardio and flexibility all at once, the MegaKore class at H-Kore is no easy feat. At first glance, the Megaformer looks a lot like a medieval torture device (it certainly feels like one, too) but don’t let it put you off giving it a go. The weighted springs, hanging straps, pulleys are there to provide adjustable resistance and a broad range of exercise variations for a high-intensity, low-impact workout. The most brutal part of the workout is moving in a slow pace and holding each pose for at least four counts – the shake is what you’re after, whether you like it or not.

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The Mag: Work It Out: At-Home Solo, Couple and Mental Exercises

07 Oct 2020

This collaborative home workout for you and a friend or partner is designed to get your heart rate up and make you sweat. For beginners, try to do 10 reps for each exercise and twice a week. Check out the video of Chloe guiding you through >>

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HoneyCombers: A local's guide to Quarry Bay

13 Aug 2020

When you take the Megakore class at H Kore, you will be on a cool Megaformer machine, trying to strengthen, stretch, and sweat. From HIIT to Yoga, you can expect various levels of fitness training. Even if you are pregnant or rehabilitating from an injury, you can find the perfect class for you.

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#legend: No excuses: Hong Kong’s best livestream gym classes

21 Jul 2020

Now that Hong Kong gyms and fitness centres are closed for the coming weeks, where can you go to burn off some quick calories? At home, of course! This isn’t our first “lockdown,” after all, and Hong Kong’s fitness community is now well prepared for times like these.

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HK Tatler: 9 Hong Kong Gyms Offering Online Classes And Workouts

16 Jul 2020

H-Kore promises a hard core workout. Get ready to strengthen, stretch and sweat with its online on-demand classes which are available now. Sign up and you can get seven days unlimited access for just $200. The programme offers a combination of 15 minute and 45 minute pre-recorded class videos to give you a variety of workouts that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home and at a time that suits you. Classes include Cardio Blast, Core Strengthening, Upper Body Strengthening, Lower Body Strengthening, Stretch and Mobility and more.

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The Mag: The Taikoo Place Community’s Secrets to Wellness

13 Jul 2020

H-Kore’s MegaKore classes. They are tough with the Megaformer machines that balance stability, resistance and control, but come with top results – your form, transitions and capabilities get better over time with practice

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