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HK Tatler: What Kind Of Workout You Should Try In 2020, Based On Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

05 Feb 2020

Quick-witted, charming and ever curious, Rats are attracted to new challenges. A megaformer class at H-Kore will challenge them to adapt to a new form of workout unlike any other. Not one to shy away from hard work, they will achieve their fitness goals by trying the latest workout trends.

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Trainer in the spotlight: Chiva Lai

05 Feb 2020

Have you met Chiva, long-term H-Kore client turned talented trainer? If you have, you’ll have felt her warmth, seen her passion for fitness and received her undivided attention in class. We’ve sat down to talk in length about her background, her passion and why she made the switch from banking to fitness.

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04 Feb 2020

This 2 Part Workshop is perfect for kettlebell newbies and advanced clients alike. Level 1: Saturday, 7 March, Level 2: Saturday, 14 March. STAY TUNED, LEVEL 3 IS COMING SOON!

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This February: Move it for Mental Health month at H-Kore

31 Jan 2020

This February at H-Kore we are putting mental health in the spotlight. We invite you to join three classes in our Quarry Bay studio where we will be raising awareness and funds for Mind HK’s ‘Move it for Mental Health’ month (all proceeds donated). The drop in rate for each class is $50.

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Sassy Hong Kong: The Best Yoga Studios And Classes In Hong Kong

24 Jan 2020

The exercises you do here are perfect for toning up. You’ll work on the mega reformer (a big, scary-looking machine that’s not all that scary, really) under the watchful eye of the instructors at their yoga and Pilates classes. You’ll definitely be sore after one or two sessions, but also a whole lot stronger.

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USA Today: Lagree Fitness, The workout that ClassPass deems 2019's trendiest

22 Jan 2020

Fitness booking app ClassPass analyzed more than 100 million workouts to determine that the Megaformer workout was the fastest-growing fitness trend in America. The machine-based class, which has been popularised by celebrities including Sofia Vergara, combines pilates with cardio by way of a contraption designed by trainer Sebastien Lagree of Lagree Fitness.

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Coronavirus Safety Precautions - How to protect yourself and others

20 Jan 2020

At H-Kore, your safety will always be our top priority. With flu season among us we have taken extra precautions to stop the spread of nasty germs in our studios. We encourage you do the same to protect yourself and others in the space.

Read More 5 workout classes that will get you in A+ golf shape

20 Jan 2020

Lagree is a high-intensity, low-impact, full-body muscular endurance program. This workout is mentally and physically challenging in ways that will have you prepared to attack the course like never before. Lagree Fitness is perfect for those looking to work through an injury, prevent future injuries and tighten up their core to spend more time on the course.

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