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20:30 challenge is coming back on the 1st of May!

17 Apr 2023

Your favorite challenge is starting on the 1st of May! Get ready to strengthen, stretch and sweat with the H-Kore community!

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Central H-Kore 10th Anniversary Special Community Classes!

13 Jan 2023

To celebrate Central H-Kore's 10th Anniversary, we have planned 8 special community classes for you! Join us for a free class with our H-Kore Trainers. The full schedule is out now! Come sweat and celebrate with us!

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The H-Kore x Nutrition Kitchen 2 week Reset Program!

21 Dec 2022

Worried about overindulging during the Holidays? We’ve got you covered 😉 Start the new year right with H-Kore x Nutrition Kitchen 2 week Reset Program!

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Happy Hong Konger: The 5 Best Pilates Studios In Hong Kong

10 Nov 2022

You heard it from them, it's time to try our classes at H-Kore Quarry Bay! Get yourself a Trial Pack of "The Studio by H-Kore" offering a variety of YogaKore Series, CircuitKore Series, Kore Focus, BarreKore and more. As well as for our MegaKore Trial Pack for our signature workout based on the Lagree Fitness Method.

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20:30 challenge starts 1st of November

21 Oct 2022

Your favourite challenge is starting on 1st of November! Get ready to strengthen, stretch and sweat with all your H-Kore buddies!

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H-Kore Teacher training with Vanessa. Admissions are now open!

30 Sep 2022

Interested in getting a deep understanding of the H-Kore method? Join this teacher training and become familiar with all the ins and outs of our MegaKore classes. Learn all the principles behind the method, the machine and the workout and develop teaching skills.

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30 Sep 2022

Human spines are meant to move, bend and twist in multiple planes of motion outside the usual sitting, standing, or lying down positions. On key spinal movement which is often neglected is spinal extension or back bending. Practicing backbends is a great way to promote spinal mobility, create back strength and flexibility and open the front body.

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We are hiring!

17 Aug 2022

Join our fun enthusiastic team! We are currently looking to hire for two roles: Business Development & Community manager and Full Time Front-Desk

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