• Name: Xiomara
  • Home Town: Bogota, Colombia
  • Fitness Tip: Health is not just how you look, what you eat and how you feel. It is also about how you move, how you act, how you treat others, how you think. Health Is a lifestyle that requires discipline and awareness, it is about being present, and making the right choices according to your life principles.


Originally from Colombia, Xiomara is a Fitness and Health Coach with more than 18 years of experience and an educational background in Psychology & Psychoanalysis. She is a Les Mills BODYBALANCE DVD International Presenter and Trainer, a Poliquin and NASM Personal Trainer and a Certified Pilates Trainer that has explored different disciplines including Yoga, Movement, Muay Thai and Dance.

With her well-rounded repertoire of training disciplines, Xiomara has been invited to present in more than ten countries around the world, and has been featured in a number of television and magazine collaborations in Latin America and Hong Kong.

Also a Health Coach for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition INN and Precision Nutrition and a public speaker hosting workshops about Exercise, Nutrition and Wellbeing, Xiomara thrives on connecting with her students to keep them motivated and inspiring them with her passion for exercise, nutrition, positive mindset and healthy living.